Friday, June 11, 2010

I’m so sick of travelling without reaching a destination…


Your work is an excellent illustration for a brief memory I shall recount with brevity:

There are rails in my own lifetime, too many really.
There have been times when I never took that return trip and now, now I wish I had. But that train is long gone,
and the station is probably gone too.

Too much time has lapsed for me to ever return.
I take comfort in the fact that sometimes great romances are only meant to last a short time and then end, leaving our memories forever young.

When I reflect, I see only the beauty in the face
I saw when our romance ended,
young as it was when we met.

It will be a romance that will never grow old.

By R.L.Huffstutter

I’m so sick of travelling without reaching a destination…
Half my life I spent on trains, going from one place to another.
Meeting friends, meeting family, meeting obligations, meeting people who mean the world to me ….. and leaving them after a certain time, with the certainty that I won’t see them for a long period of time
So many familiar places, but no home.

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